June 09, 2020....Published article: Material-based computational design (MCD) in sustainable architecture. Journal of Building Engineering. (co-authored with Leyla Tanacan)

September 03, 2019...Published book chapter: Yazici, S. (2019). Protection of Intellectual Property Rights related to Architectural Design in Digital Age. Law and Art, eds. Prof. Dr. Yener Ünver and Prof. Dr. Özlem Yenerer Çakmut, Seçkin Publishing, pp:733-743.

March 21, 2019...Served in the Scientific Committees of the eCAADe-Sigradi Conference 2019 held in Porto / Portugal, CAAD Futures Conference 2019 held in Daejeon / Korea, and MSTAS 2019 held in Kocaeli / Turkey.

March 14, 2019... Served as Jury Member in the British Council UK Alumni Awards, 2019.

March 8, 2019...Published article: Yazıcı, S. (2019). Rule-based rationalization of form: learning by computational making. International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

September 30,  2018... Won a Gold Medal  at the '3rd Istanbul International Invention Fair' in 27-29 , held in  27-29 September 2018, in which the jury evaluated about 400 inventions from 30 countries. It is the first and only international organization in Turkey related to inventions, hosted by Turkish Patent and Trade Name Organization (Türk Patent) and supported by International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA); European Patent Office (EPO); World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

September 16, 2018...Won a Gold Medal at the '10th International Exhibition of Inventions & 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum’ held in 13-15 September 2018 at Foshan-China. About 4000 inventions from 61 countries were contributed to the event titled “Inventions Make Dreams Come True, Innovation Leads the Trends for Tomorrow”.

June 12, 2018... US and Turkey Patent Application: Design and Manufacturing Method For a Building System in Regards to Structural and Environmental Factors (No: US 16006837 and no: TR 2018/09558.).

February 2, 2018... "A Material-Based Integrated Computational Design Model in Architecture" is granted a Patent (No: PT 2014/00551).

December 27, 2017...Published article: A study towards interdisciplinary research: a Material-based Integrated Computational Design Model (MICD-m) in architecture, Architectural Science Review (co-authored with Leyla Tanacan).

December 7, 2017...Published article: Building in Extraterrestrial Environments: T-Brick Shell, Journal of Architectural Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers.

December 12, 2016...Published article: A parametric landscape urbanism method: The search for an optimal solution, A/Z ITU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture.

November 7, 2016...Presented at the 8th ASCAAD 2016 Conference / University of London co-authored with David Jason Gerber (PhD): Prototyping Generative Architecture: Experiments on Multi-Agent Systems, Environmental Performance and 3D Printing.

April 5, 2016...Pleased to announce that ParaMaterial is selected as Finalist for the Liberland Design Competition.

February 17, 2016...Winner of the UK Alumni Awards 2016 in Professional Achievement.

December 24, 2015...Finalist for UK Alumni Awards 2016 by British Council / Professional Achievement 

December 3, 2015... NASA In-Situ Materials Challenge Contest  / T-Brick Shell.

September 16, 2015... Presented paper titled "A course on Biomimetic Design Strategies" at the eCAADe 2015, hosted by Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

August 3, 2015... Kindly invited to the Busan International Architectural Culture Festival / Design Workshop as a tutor.

June 25, 2015... 9th Computational Design in Architecture National Symposium Proceedings Book is published / Ozyegin University Publications.

January 15, 2015...will be organizing the 9th Computational Design in Architecture Symposium, hosted by Ozyegin University, Faculty of Architecture and Design.

September 10-12, 2014...Presented paper titled "Efficiency in Architectural Geometry Informed by Materials" in eCAADe 2014 Conference, in Newcastle / UK.

June 27, 2014... Presented paper "Material, Form and Performance Based Software Development" co-authored with Prof. Leyla Tanacan (PhD) in the 8th Computational Design Symposium, in Izmir / Turkey.

May 23, 2014...Proud to announce that I won "The Best Thesis Award of the Year 2013" from the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology in the field of Construction Sciences with my dissertation titled “A Material-Based Integrated Computational Design Model in Architecture”.

March 11, 2014...Kindly invited to the Graduation Project Jury at Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture, R&D Campus for Telecommunications and Web Services.

January 24, 2014...The Patent Application of the method that I developed “A Material-Based Integrated Computational Design Model in Architecture” is processed (No: PT 2014/00551).

September 20, 2013... Presented at the eCAADe 2013 Computation and Performance Conference, hosted by Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

August 1, 2013... Appointed to the Ozyegin University, Faculty of Architecture and Design as Assistant Professor.

June 28, 2013... Presented at the "Computational Design in Architecture Symposium" hosted by Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design Computing Department.

May 29,2013... Moderated in the "Computing Theories and Models in Architectural Design Course", end of the term Symposium of the PhD Program at Istanbul Technical University: Computation and Materials in Architecture Session.

April 2, 2013...I gave a seminar titled “Material as the main driver of the design process” at the ITU Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program.

March 15, 2013...Pleased to announce that I recently finalized my PhD studies and have been awarded with a Doctoral Degree following my jury in February. My thesis is titled “A Material-Based Integrated Computational Design Model in Architecture”.

January 7, 2013...Kindly invited and joined to the Final Jury of the Master of Architecture (MArch) Design Studio/ MTZ 513-MTZ 503E at Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

December 11, 2012...Lecture at the Bilkent University, Department of Architecture: Material-Based Integral Computational Design.

November 21, 2012...I gave a seminar and run a two-week workshop titled 'Design through Systems Thinking Informed by Materials' at Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School of Architecture as a part of the course Computer Application in Architecture.

September 2, 2012...Kindly invited to contribute to the Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, India Program. My proposal is titled: 'ParaMaterial Topographies for the Built Environment'.

April 26, 2012... My article is published: Computing through Holistic Systems Design Method: Material Formations Workshop, Dearq Journal of Architecture, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota-Colombia.

March 1, 2012... My lecture at ACSA 100th Annual Meeting, Digital Aptitudes Conference hosted by MIT in Boston.

February 22, 2012...Shortlisted for the R&D / Entrepreneurship in Technology Projects Contest, Istanbul (ITU, Teknokent).

November 23, 2011... Patent: Intelligent Bistable Structure System (GB 2445572) is published with the Joint Inventors: Sevil Yazici, Jasmindar Chima, Stella Nikolakaki and Eugene Leung.

September 20, 2011... Bi-stable Structures Project of Sevil Yazici (ParaMaterial) with the team ZERO.1 /AA DRL 2006 is featured in the list of ’10 office building designs to augment your workspace’ by Designbuzz.

May 12, 2011... Awarded with the Scientific Research Projects Grant. Research project titled: Design Optimization Through Material in Architecture.

March 07, 2011... Seminar @Istanbul Technical University: 'Material based Design Computing’.

November 11, 2010... Exhibiting @Sigradi 2010: Computing & Materialization.

July 13, 2010... Material Formations @London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2010/ Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition

May 03, 2010... Article published @Mimarlıkta Malzeme: Creating Space with Material Intelligence.

December 15, 2009... Article published @Mimarlıkta Malzeme: Innovative Material Systems.