2006 London SAP Software Headquarters, UK

In the era of globalization, competition is fierce across the continents. Adaptation, therefore, is not a fancy slogan, but a crucial concept for companies and their workplace. This project proposes a workspace that can be reconfigured using the patented system developed by team Zero.1 “the Material Behavior of Bistable Structure”. The concept was designed for software company SAP, for a site in Farringdon, London.

The proposal is an adaptive workplace, capable of self spatial reconfiguration based on changes in business structure. This building proposal challenges the current technology in building industry. Reconfigurable spaces needs further research and development among interdisciplinary fields including building technology, computer science and mechatronics enginnering. The project developed by team Zero.1 was one of the initial attempts on reconfigurable spaces and opened up new discussions in intellectual environments of architecture. It is featured in the list of “10 office building designs to augment your workspace” by Designbuzz in 2011.


© Zero.1 (Yazici, Chima, Nikolakaki, Leung)